Thursday, 11 May 2017

cyclone story

cyclone_story.jpg   At night in my room I was sleeping in my bed then I heard and saw a tree snap. I was scared.I got up and opened the curtain.I saw two snapped trees.One damaged our fence and one almost hit our glass house.The next day I went outside and looked at the disaster.The Disaster I didn't know was a  quarter damage garage.I felt upset because my dad’s garage is damaged.


  1. that is an artistic drawing and amazing wiring!:)

  2. I am not commenting on your cyclone story witch is cool I am
    Comenting on your about me good job it really shows your life
    Ka Pi 👌

  3. wow Aum your writing is really good and you used awesome words like disaster and damaged
    I am sorry that your dads garage got broken I cant imagine how much it costed it might have been in the 1,000's that is quite a lot
    well done ;-P