Wednesday, 28 June 2017


What i know
1.Catfish has shiny scales
2.Catfish has a big mouth

What I Want to Find Out

1.How are catfish native?

2.Does catfish have spots and what color can there be?

3.What does catfish eat?

4.What are catfishes enemies?

5.How long does catfish live?

6.Do catfish have teeth?

7.Are catfish dangerous?

8.Are there catfish in NZ?

9.Is there any types of catfish?

10.Does people protect catfish?

11.Are there catfish in other

12.Does catfish lay eggs?

13.Are catfish pest?
14.Does catfish have disgise?

15.Are catfish ferice?

16.Do catfish find mates and how did they?

17.Can catfish grow big than a cat?

18.Do catfish swim in salt water?

19.What color can catfish be?

20.Does catfish bite people?

21.Are catfish cold blooded or warm blooded?

22.Where do catfish live?

23.What does catfish look like?

24.How do catfish find their prey?

25.When did catfishes came?

26.How can people stop catfish pesting (if catfish are pest)

27.How many eggs do they lay? ( if catfish does lay eggs )

28.Does catfish sence of smell?

29.Does catfish hear well?

30.What are baby catfish called?

31.Do catfish hid or swim away from their enemies?

32.Do catfish go to sleep and when?

33.Are catfish nocturnal?  

34.How many fins does it have?

35.What are baby catfish eat?

36.How do baby catfish hatch out of the egg?


  1. wow aum that's alot of thinking in that.

  2. WOW AUM!!!! i'm so amazed at your LONG work KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!! :)