Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Planet Unknown

Planet Unknown
In planet Sirist,two robots are in planet Siris,One blue and one orange.One robot does the plant injection,and one carries the plant injection.five plant injection didn’t work and the light turn red.The one that hasn't been injected,was the one that has the blue light on.Then both of the robot go and find another place.As they drive,they saw lots of rock,the robots go in between the gaps.As they go in,the blue robot follow the orange robot but as they go,the orange robot go lift and the blue robot go straight because the blue robot thought the orange robot go straight.When the orange robot go out of the bunch of huge rocks,the orange robot look for the blue robot,the robot look left and right but blue robot was not there.So the orange robot go back to the bunch of huge rocks and go look for the blue robot.As the robot go,the orange robot a place with some dust and lots of medium rocks.The orange go and look for the blue robot,as the orange robot go,the orange robot saw the plant injection and the light was green then the orange robot saw meteorites,the orange robot pick up the plant injection and drove away from meteorites.As the orange drove away,the blue robot saw the orange robot and the blue robot use a hook to grab the orange robot and bring the robot safely.Then the robots survived,both of the robot drive a meter away from the danger and they saw a plant shoot out the glass.the robots were happy.Very happy.Now the robots found a home for humans.

          The end

Rich task thinking template

Name of problem:  ????????
Describe the problem:   make a quarter with a +/Health symbol ( hospital symbol)
These are the strategies and knowledge I used to solve the problem.
(add more bullet points for each step)
  1. I split the + by making a cross in the middle of the +                                                    
Describe how you used 2 learning muscles:
  1. Making links because if I focus on my making links,I will be able to work harder and better.
  2. Perseverance because when I was stuck,I think and never give up.

Photo of the task: IMG_1604.JPG

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

name art

                          This is my name art

Monday, 31 July 2017

My Menu

Main food
Crispy,crunchy fish and crunchy chips with fresh green salad (if you want/like)  $6 any drinks  $8 each

Cooked chicken and crunchy chip with green fresh salad

Baked beans with mixed vegetable  and choice of any drinks
10$ any drinks are free

Hot dog with crunch hot dog bun with cheese.

Steak and cheese pie with tomato sauce or any other sauce  and a choice of how many you like

Sides crunchy chips or chicken nuggets with any sauce or no sauce
$1 each

Crunchy 10 chicken nuggets and crispy chips with BBQ sauce or no sauce and A small burger

Apple pie with cream and ice cream and choice of favourites like chocolate,a cherry on top or a strawberry cream

Cold,yummy triple chocolate ice cream with chocolate ice cream,chocolate sauce and chocolate

Wobbly jelly with cream and with a cherry on top

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Making kite (Matariki Activity)

At June the 27th of Tuesday.Me and Dion was work together on our Matariki Kite.Making kite really fun and enjoyable.It took about 30 minutes or over to make it!when we was finish we was happy but problems has came to the kite Then more and more and more problems are caming to our kite.The problem is the thin flax,it was loose and the flax are not on the Toetoe probably.When we solve the problem,our kite was finish,Me and Dion was Happy.So the teacher told us to bring it to the class and everyone came near us and have a look at the kite that we made.So we leave the kite near Kahu to look after our kite and me and Dion go back to the hall and make another one.But when we was about to make another kite,I came back and tell Kahu to look after the kite.But the kite was broken and Kahu told me who broke it. Kahu said "Monica broke it".So Kahu told me what happen and Kahu said "Monica took it and she run off then she broke it.So we go back to the hall and fix our kite.I felt sad.Very sad.When we was finish the teacher said "don't take it to class'.So we leave it at the hall.

Monday, 24 July 2017

My Holidays

Today I finished my 500 pieces jigsaw puzzle.It took me a week or five days.I did 2 and both are finished.One was the NZ map and the other islands and other one is the space and the planets.The space puzzle was a little bit easy.I decide to do the puzzle because it helps me to solve problems.On each puzzles,I find/put the pieces.I do the puzzle for 2 or 3 hours.My strategy/learning muscle are planning because I was finding pieces that has the same colour and it was a bit easy to put the puzzle together.                                  
                                                this is what I have write.