Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Maori hand games

At Wednesday me,Kahu,Toby and the others gone to play Maori hand games in room six.There were two Activity,one is play with knuckle bones and one is making things with whai (string) so we split up in to groups,one group play with the whai (string) and the other one play with the knuckle bones.Playing Maori hand game fun.I enjoyed Maori hand games so does my friends.


  1. Wow Aum I love your work.
    It is very cool and your writing really painted a picture in my head.

  2. WOW Aum great work i think you had a great time there at maori hand games. i know because you have wroten it in your storie. GREAT Work Aum.

  3. I'm glad you enjoy Maori hand games, Aum. They're fantastic!