Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Planet Unknown

Planet Unknown
In planet Sirist,two robots are in planet Siris,One blue and one orange.One robot does the plant injection,and one carries the plant injection.five plant injection didn’t work and the light turn red.The one that hasn't been injected,was the one that has the blue light on.Then both of the robot go and find another place.As they drive,they saw lots of rock,the robots go in between the gaps.As they go in,the blue robot follow the orange robot but as they go,the orange robot go lift and the blue robot go straight because the blue robot thought the orange robot go straight.When the orange robot go out of the bunch of huge rocks,the orange robot look for the blue robot,the robot look left and right but blue robot was not there.So the orange robot go back to the bunch of huge rocks and go look for the blue robot.As the robot go,the orange robot a place with some dust and lots of medium rocks.The orange go and look for the blue robot,as the orange robot go,the orange robot saw the plant injection and the light was green then the orange robot saw meteorites,the orange robot pick up the plant injection and drove away from meteorites.As the orange drove away,the blue robot saw the orange robot and the blue robot use a hook to grab the orange robot and bring the robot safely.Then the robots survived,both of the robot drive a meter away from the danger and they saw a plant shoot out the glass.the robots were happy.Very happy.Now the robots found a home for humans.

          The end

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