Tuesday, 1 August 2017

name art

                          This is my name art


  1. great aum,but i do not get why you made it cool aum. i think you can improve it by making it more graffiti because it not really graffiti.

  2. Wow Aum I love your tray name Aum. It looks great. did you know that blue is my favourite colour? I like how you switched colours with the blue it has light blue and dark blue. Also my Brother Tristan not Tristan in this class, my Brother Tristan loves blue too if there is a blue counter he will grab it or say that's my counter because he loves blue so much. =)

  3. great work aum ,But i dont know what one you did because it not graffiti and not natural or digital.
    i think you could improve more AUM.

  4. cool work Aum but i think you can do better next time.