Monday, 31 July 2017

My Menu

Main food
Crispy,crunchy fish and crunchy chips with fresh green salad (if you want/like)  $6 any drinks  $8 each

Cooked chicken and crunchy chip with green fresh salad

Baked beans with mixed vegetable  and choice of any drinks
10$ any drinks are free

Hot dog with crunch hot dog bun with cheese.

Steak and cheese pie with tomato sauce or any other sauce  and a choice of how many you like

Sides crunchy chips or chicken nuggets with any sauce or no sauce
$1 each

Crunchy 10 chicken nuggets and crispy chips with BBQ sauce or no sauce and A small burger

Apple pie with cream and ice cream and choice of favourites like chocolate,a cherry on top or a strawberry cream

Cold,yummy triple chocolate ice cream with chocolate ice cream,chocolate sauce and chocolate

Wobbly jelly with cream and with a cherry on top

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