Thursday, 27 July 2017

Making kite (Matariki Activity)

At June the 27th of Tuesday.Me and Dion was work together on our Matariki Kite.Making kite really fun and enjoyable.It took about 30 minutes or over to make it!when we was finish we was happy but problems has came to the kite Then more and more and more problems are caming to our kite.The problem is the thin flax,it was loose and the flax are not on the Toetoe probably.When we solve the problem,our kite was finish,Me and Dion was Happy.So the teacher told us to bring it to the class and everyone came near us and have a look at the kite that we made.So we leave the kite near Kahu to look after our kite and me and Dion go back to the hall and make another one.But when we was about to make another kite,I came back and tell Kahu to look after the kite.But the kite was broken and Kahu told me who broke it. Kahu said "Monica broke it".So Kahu told me what happen and Kahu said "Monica took it and she run off then she broke it.So we go back to the hall and fix our kite.I felt sad.Very sad.When we was finish the teacher said "don't take it to class'.So we leave it at the hall.

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